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 Attractions in Qingdao

1. Small Qingdao Island(小青岛)

Small Qingdao Island,

Small Qingdao Island [File photo]

Located to the southeast of Zhanqiao Bridge, Small Qingdao Island is a pleasant little peninsular. From the sky, the island looks as if shaped like an ancient lute and hence has earned its nickname Lute Island. The island features a little park, a few small cafes and a white lighthouse. It is dotted with black pines and flowers such as oriental cherries, green peaches, pomegranates and roses of Sharon. It is a good area to go for a brief stroll, providing a good view of the Huilange Pavilion and a spectacular night view when the lights are all lit after dusk. Weather-permitting, visitors can see the nearby Yellow Island (Huangdao) nestled in the mist.

2.  Qingdao Polar Ocean World(青岛极地海洋世界)

Qingdao Polar Ocean World,

Qingdao Polar Ocean World [File photo]

Qingdao Polar Ocean World is a compound park where you can go see some precious animal species at the Polar Ocean Animals Museum, learn about oceanic life at the Ocean Technology Museum, take a stroll around the souvenir shops, have a drink or a meal along the Bars and Catering Street and stay there over-night to take in some extra views the next day. The Polar Ocean World looks like a sail stretching up to a height of 31 meters. It has a large ocean theater which can accommodate 2,800 spectators. Whales, dolphins, sea lions and walruses give their best performances there every day. A lot of animals are participating in their so-called animal "Olympic Games."

3. No.1 Bathing Beach(青岛第一海水浴场)

No.1 Bathing Beach,

No.1 Bathing Beach [File photo]

The No.1 Bathing Beach is located at Huiquan Bay, a fascinating location in Qingdao. Sitting on a beautiful coastline, the beach is 580 meters long and 40 meters wide. It used to be the largest beach in all of Asia. The gentle slopes, fine sands, crystal waters and soft waves are the four main features of the beach. The blue skies, shimmering ocean, red coral reefs and green trees make for a fantastic holiday picture.

4. Zhanqiao Pier(栈桥)

Zhanqiao Pier,

Zhanqiao Pier [File photo]

In addition to the May 4th Square, Zhanqiao Pier is yet another historic symbol of Qingdao. It was built in 1893 and used as a port when Qingdao was still a small village. Since it is very close to the Qingdao railway station, it is the most visited spot in Qingdao. It is 400 meters long with a pavilion called the Huilange Pavilion at its tail-end. The Huilange Pavilion sometimes hosts exhibitions, but most of time it simply sells various kinds of sea products and ornaments. There’s a beach called “the sixth bathing beach” just underneath Zhanqiao Pier where you can enjoy the sunshine and go for a swim.

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